DSI Fire protective Smoke Curtain Systems.

Fire Test Smoke Curtain


Door Systems® has, for a number of years, been working with the leading edge manufacturer of Fire protective Smoke Curtains. Their technology provides our customers with innovative and cost effective solutions to overcome the problems associated with smoke and fire control.

Together our smoke & fire protective curtain systems, which are gravity fail safe and incorporate the latest in electronic technology, are one of the most advanced yet cost effective systems on the market. This globally recognized technology is gaining rapid acceptance here in the USA . Please take a moment to look through our applications and see how this curtain technology can be advantageous to your building design and help solve your smoke and fire containment issues.

Here are a some advantages and key reasons to use our Fire protective Smoke Curtain system:

  • Rated up to 1, 2 and 3 hours / Code Compliant
  • Fail Safe Deployment
  • Compact design taking as little as 7 1/8’ of head room
  • Several egress options
  • Cost effective
  • No stack space or floor space required
  • Unlimited width span possibilities
  • Light-weight requiring little to no structural support

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