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The Smoke & Fire Containment People

Door Systems, Inc. is the leader in fire protective smoke curtains and integrated fire door technology. We provide innovative solutions to your existing building needs as well as assist in specifying and designing your future projects. Whether…
Homeaid OC

Door Systems & HomeAid OC

Door Systems assisted with this year's HomeAid Orange County Annual Thanksgiving Meal Drive, a community-based donation drive aimed at collecting non-perishable foods for our neighbors experiencing and/or at risk of homelessness so that they…
AIA OnDemand Course # 92870

Using Integrated Fire Doors for Elevator Smoke Containment

AIA OnDemand Course # 92870 This AIA course will increase the knowledge of building codes for Elevator Shafts and Elevator lobbies. Course attendees will learn about utilizing smoke and fire rated Integrated Doors at such openings and receive…
Fire doors and smoke curtains install

Downtown L.A. Proper Hotel Fire Doors and Smoke Curtains

There were no shortcuts taken when it came to the Fire Life Safety Doors and Smoke Curtains needed to bring this 1926 California Renaissance Revival building up to code. The Historic Hotel located in Los Angeles’s South Park District was beautifully…

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