fire rated smoke curtains

Reduce Smoke Inhalation in Hospital Fires

The leading cause of fire fatalities is the inhalation of smoke rather than the fire itself. Fire rated smoke curtains are an excellent way of controlling smoke. Fire and smoke-rated curtains block smoke from entering hospital rooms by deploying…
fire curtain

The Importance of Fire Curtains in Schools

Schools are usually designed to have large, open areas like gymnasiums and cafeterias, which makes protecting the school space difficult. Using fire curtains schools can easily create a safe area within large, open rooms that will create safe…
fire testing lab

Building Fire Safety

The buildings we live and work in all represent a kind of compromise. We want them to be attractive, comfortable, cost-effective, and energy efficient, but we also want them to be safe. Sometimes those objectives can come into conflict. Faculty…
building fire santa clara

Car dealership building fire in Santa Clara

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) -- A 3-alarm fire did significant damage to a car dealership in the South Bay. The gas and oil fueled the flames and put firefighters in danger. Firefighters are still here making sure there are no hot spots and…

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