DSI 600 Elevator Smoke Containment System

Chapman University, a top private university in California, needed a concealed solution to Elevator Smoke Containment for its latest campus addition. Musco Center for the Arts was conceived with one driving purpose: to reach the highest levels of achievement in fine arts education, production, and performance. Door Systems was proud to present the DSI 600 Elevator Smoke Curtains as a solution, yet still give the design architect the freedom to express the visual and physical connection they envision. A perfect collaboration in harmony with General Contractor McCarthy and Pfeiffer Partners.

Project Highlight: Musco Center for the Arts

Musco Center for the Arts

Unlike other products on the market, the DSI 600 elevator smoke containment system is also fire rated. United Laboratories listed under UL 10D Fire Protection Smoke Curtain Assemblies for 1-3 hours. UL 1784 smoke migration and S label, California State Fire Marshall listing, and ICC-ESR #4761 AC77 compliant. The DSI 600 system also has OSHPD approval and has Los Angeles City Fire Department acceptance for high rise applications.

The DSI 600 elevator smoke containment system by Door Systems®, incorporates a battery back-up feature with an emergency curtain up button located on both sides of the elevator cab.

This insures easy access from either side of the elevator cab in an emergency situation. When the button is depressed the curtain will automatically deploy back down to the closed position until the fire alarm is cleared.

Opera House

“The City of Orange now houses an ideal opera house, potentially the best in the West, and maybe even something more . . .” – Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times

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Using Fire Rated Smoke Curtains for Elevator Door Smoke Containment

elevator smoke containment system

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HSW Justification: This course will increase the knowledge of course participants in the fact that Elevator Shafts, Elevator lobbies, are conduits for life threatening smoke migration in all types of buildings. Without utilizing “Elevator Door Smoke Containment Systems” at such openings, the spread of smoke and fire can compromise the Health, Safety and Welfare of the building occupants. Fire rated UL10D smoke curtains compartmentalize and retard the migration of smoke and fire thus increasing the life safety of the building occupants.

Door Systems is the only company to provide code compliant fire protection smoke curtains and integrated fire doors that offer superior aesthetics, high performance and up front cost savings while bringing long term value to the customer.