Elevator Smoke Containment System®

  • ICC - AC77 Approved
  • UL 1784 smoke migration and S label
  • UL10D one hour (standard) or two hour or 3 hour (optional) fire protection
  • OSHPD approval
  • Meets code requirements

Elevator Smoke Curtain

Introducing the DSI 600 Elevator Smoke Containment System®

A cost effective and architecturally pleasing solution to elevator shaft smoke protection. A proven system that meets all code requirements.

Unlike other products on the market, the DSI 600 elevator smoke containment system is also fire rated. The DSI 600 system carries a UL10D one hour or two hour or three hour fire protection curtain system label, UL 1784 smoke migration and S label, California State Fire Marshall listing, and ICC ESR Report. The DSI 600 system also has OSHPD approval and has Los Angeles City Fire Department acceptance for high rise applications.

The smooth controlled descent of the DSI 600 elevator fire rated smoke curtain system works on a gravity fail safe technology that requires no power to close and is fully synchronized with the building’s fire and life safety system.

The DSI 600 elevator smoke containment system by Door Systems®, incorporates a battery back-up feature with an emergency curtain up button located on both sides of the elevator cab.

This insures easy access from either side of the elevator cab in an emergency situation. When the button is depressed the curtain will automatically deploy back down to the closed position until the fire alarm is cleared.

Low profile side guides ensure against movement or blowout during extreme pressures caused by fire conditions. The technologically advanced fire resistive fabric is concealed in a compact overhead housing that takes as little as 7 1/2′ of headroom. It is virtually invisible when in the retracted position.

Custom sizes available for any elevator size.

Elevator Fire Rated Smoke Curtains Testimonial


Dear Door Systems,

We have your DSI-600 Elevator Fire Rated Smoke Curtains installed on both our Maxfield lofts and Garment lofts high rise buildings in downtown Los Angeles. From the very beginning the elevator smoke & fire curtains have been working wonderful. We are very happy with the system and have had no issues. I don’t think we could have done better with any other company or product. I have and will continue recommending your company for future work on our properties.


Alex Hernandez
General Manager

Elevator Smoke Curtains Testimonial


To whom it may concern,

I have DSI 600 Elevator Smoke Curtains installed in one of my high-rise buildings here in downtown LA but in the future, I would like to install them in others. Unlike other elevator fire rated smoke curtains we have used in the past, the DSI 600 Elevator Smoke Curtains all come down at the same time in a controlled rate of decent and require a no effort to reset. The DSI 600 system works every time.

The thing that surprised me most is that the elevator shaft smoke protection curtains are so concealing and you would never know they were there. This is important to landlords and architects looking to use a system that works yet blend in with the surroundings.

The Door Systems staff does a great job and are very attentive. I would recommend Door Systems and the DSI 600 Elevator Smoke Containment Systems to any landlord or operations manager in need of a smoke and fire rated containment system.


Philip Hernadez
Operations Manager at The Swig Company

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