Approvals & Listings

DSI Fire protective Smoke Curtain® Approvals & Listings, CA State Fire Marshals, OSHPD…

The DSI Fire protective Smoke Curtains products included in the approval listings are:

1 Hour Fire Rating

DSI 600 Elevator Smoke Containment System®
DSI-C1HR Automatic Fire protective Smoke Curtains
DSI-D1HR Automatic Smoke Curtain
DSI-S1HR Fixed/Static Draft Curtain

3 Hour Fire Rating

DSI-C3HR Fire protective Smoke Curtains

4 Hour Fire Rating

DSI-A4HR Accordion Fire Curtain


California State Fire Marshal

LISTING No. 4076-2312:0500

LISTING No. 4077-2312:0501


UL10D, UL1784, ASTM E84‐10, UL864

AC77 Compliant

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