Fire & Smoke Rated Curtain System Applications

Smoke & Fire Curtains

While we have discussed the benefits of fire and smoke curtains in the past when referring to fire and smoke protection options for atriums, it is important to note that fire and smoke curtains have a wide variety of other applications as well.

Fire and smoke curtains are a safe, effective and cost efficient means of providing protection from fire and smoke in the following situations:

  • Elevators: Elevator shafts usually open to all floors in a building, and in the event of a fire, these shafts can spread dangerous smoke throughout various levels making the safe evacuation from upper floors difficult. Fire and smoke curtain systems that are placed strategically at the opening to each elevator entrance can help to prevent the spread of smoke through the shaft.
  • Stairwells: Buildings with upper floors are not only equipped with elevators, but with stairwells as well. In the event of a fire, stairwells serve as the best means of escape for occupants of upper floors. Stairwells that are filled with smoke are not only difficult to maneuver but they are also unsafe. The use of fire and smoke rates curtains can help contain the spread of fire and smoke throughout stairwells, making it safer for individuals to evacuate.
  • Openings in Walls: Fire and smoke barrier curtains can provide a more modern and visually appealing alternative to load bearing walls, fire doors and fire shutters in areas where there are large openings in walls.
  • Large, Open Spaces: Fire and smoke rated curtain systems can provide compartmentation in large spaces, containing dangerous smoke and fire to a single section in order to protect merchandise and provide a safe refuge for occupants.

The installation of fire and smoke rated curtain systems can not only help to contain the amount of damages to your building and merchandise, but fire and smoke barrier curtains can help to protect your building’s occupants as well.