777 Aviation Smoke Curtain

The most important task for firefighters is to save lives. In the case of fires in multi-story residential buildings, this objective can be best achieved by using the stairways as the preferred route of attack. This method of entering a multi-story dwelling ensures that the most important escape route for the inhabitants is immediately controlled. Read more

DSI 3HR Horizontal Smoke & Fire Curtain

A horizontal fire protective curtain may eliminate the need for costly additional structural support, sprinklers, and complex smoke evacuation systems saving the building owner a great deal of money. Keep in mind that the building code allows for two stories to be interconnected without smoke control. If the atrium design and space is appropriate then it is possible to divide a taller than two story atrium into a series of two story connections.

An architect on a project for Sargento Foods Corporate Headquarters, estimates that he saved his client between $750,000 to $800,000 by using a horizontal smoke curtain instead of a smoke purge system on the building’s three story atrium.

If you are looking for a solution to meet the building code requirements for smoke control for an atrium and haven’t explored the use of smoke curtains, you should. They have the potential to save a lot of cost and complexity.

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The primary focus of assisted-living facilities is to provide care for elderly persons who can no longer maintain independent-living standards. Their facilities are typically commercial construction with a residential design element. Fire and life-safety concerns are a priority that can be made more difficult by the added challenge of ensuring accessibility for mobility-challenged persons. In some cases, a balanced approach is used when more stringent codes are required for the addition of a skilled nursing facility. Read more

Service & inspection of smoke curtains

Are your fire detection, notification and response systems up to scratch? A commercial fire protection system needs regular inspections, maintenance and testing to make sure it can keep your occupants safe in an emergency.

If you haven’t kept up with a regular maintenance schedule, catch up now to avoid the potential legal nightmare that could result if you have a fire and your system doesn’t function the way it should. Read more

Colorado Springs Airport Fire

Nearly three months later, the fire at the Colorado Springs Airport has been ruled accidental.

Investigators say a construction crew working on the roof started it. They were using propane torches to apply tar and the roof caught fire. Read more

Dubai high rise catches fire again

Last year a large blaze has ripped through one of the largest residential buildings in the world, the Torch Tower in Dubai. Flames shot up the side of the skyscraper, sending debris tumbling from the 337m (1,106 ft) structure. Read more

highrise building fire

The fire occurred in Grenfell Tower, Kensington, North London, on the 14 June 2017 with London Fire Brigade recording a call at 00:54 and being in attendance 6 minutes later. Read more

fire rated smoke curtains

The leading cause of fire fatalities is the inhalation of smoke rather than the fire itself. Fire rated smoke curtains are an excellent way of controlling smoke. Read more

fire curtain

Schools are usually designed to have large, open areas like gymnasiums and cafeterias, which makes protecting the school space difficult. Using fire curtains schools can easily create a safe area within large, open rooms that will create safe passages out of the building for occupants without exposure to fire, smoke, or heat. Read more

fire testing lab

The buildings we live and work in all represent a kind of compromise. We want them to be attractive, comfortable, cost-effective, and energy efficient, but we also want them to be safe. Sometimes those objectives can come into conflict.

Faculty members in WPI’s world-renowned Department of Fire Protection Engineering are recognized experts on a wide range of issues related to fire safety in the built environment. Their research and scholarship has focused on such topics as the fire characteristics of the materials we use to make buildings, the practices we follow to design them, the creation of codes and regulations that guide building fire safety, and the actual performance of buildings in fires.

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