Door Systems staff

Door Systems, Inc. is the leader in fire protective smoke curtains and integrated fire door technology. We provide innovative solutions to your existing building needs as well as assist in specifying and designing your future projects.

Whether you are an architect seeking consultation on a new construction project or a building owner/engineer looking to bring your existing building up to code while reducing maintenance cost, the Door Systems staff is here to assist you.

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Proper Hotel in Downtown LA

There were no shortcuts taken when it came to the Fire Life Safety Doors and Smoke Curtains needed to bring this 1926 California Renaissance Revival building up to code. The Historic Hotel located in Los Angeles’s South Park District was beautifully restored by Local Architect Omgivning and the Interior was envision by designer Kelly Wearstler. Door Systems is humbled to be part of such a prestigious project and especially proud of the Proper Fire Doors and Smoke Curtains that where carefully designed with the AOR.

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Smoke Curtain Burn Test

Our gravity fail-safe DSI Smoke and Fire Protective Curtains have innovative features and the highest technical specifications available yet offer cost-effective and flexible solutions to fire and smoke control.

Our curtains systems are designed to be discreet, robust, and simple to operate and maintain.

DSI Smoke and Fire curtains not only are lightweight and compact but also code compliant.

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AIA Course classroom

Door Systems strives to produce quality courses that help your team grow in the field of Fire Rated Smoke Containment Systems.

As an AIA Continue Education Provider, we can serve you in person, On-Line with Video Meetings, or Virtually Online 24/7.

With 2 Live Courses, you can engage the speaker with a live Q & A session. (Live courses can be in person or Online using Microsoft Teams)

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ARC Conference 2019

In November Door Systems participated in the 2019 ARC Conference. This was a prestigious 3 day event located in Hollywood, Florida.

Only top executives and decision makers from 100 of the largest and most influential Architectural firms in the region were invited.

Door Systems presentation of the integrated door system and smoke & fire curtains made a lasting impression on all participants. Architects made it clear that the unique features and benefits of the Door Systems product lines would fit well into their projects.

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DSI Service & Maintenance Brochure


This annual service offered by Door Systems helps ensure your DSI Smoke and Fire Curtains, as well as, your Integrated Fire Door Assemblies are maintained and running properly. This in turn will lead to less maintenance and repair cost, and longer life of your investments.

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Escape Room Company Retreat

What is an Escape Room?

In escape rooms, groups of 3-8 players voluntarily get locked into a physical room. By exploring the space, discovering hints, following traces, and solving puzzles they try to escape within a restricted amount of time. The idea is routed in different game genres like point-and-click adventures, puzzle hunts, theme parks, and live-action role playing games. Escape rooms are games as they involve a clear goal (escaping the room), a rule-based means of achieving the goal (solving puzzles) and a lusory attitude (the whole team agrees on pretending they are actually trapped).

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Due to increasing demand for our products, we have moved to a larger facility in Northern Californa territory. As always, we are here to help provide you with a complete smoke & fire containment solution.

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45 Ft Smoke Curtain

45 FT Fire protective Smoke Curtain

Installation of a 45 Ft Smoke Curtain at the 777 Aviation Building in Los Angeles, California.

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