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ARC US Conference 2022

Door Systems was happy to be back to in-person events this past year with ARC US Conference. This prestigious Bond Event brings together America’s Top 100 Principal Architects and Vendors in one place for 4 days and 3 nights. The experience centers around a series of one-to-one business meetings between architects and vendors, that each […]

DSI 600 Elevator Smoke Containment System

Chapman University, a top private university in California, needed a concealed solution to Elevator Smoke Containment for its latest campus addition. Musco Center for the Arts was conceived with one driving purpose: to reach the highest levels of achievement in fine arts education, production, and performance. Door Systems was proud to present the DSI 600 […]

Tallest towers in San Francisco, mapped

The city’s skyline has always been swoon-worthy, but over the last decade, the view has become even more grand—not to mention crowded—as skyscrapers have sprouted taller, taller, and taller. From the Salesforce Tower to 555 California, San Francisco’s high-rises have set examples of height and grandeur.

Fire-protection systems

Smoke-control systems are designed to control smoke during a fire incident in order to contain danger and allow the building to be safely evacuated. Until recently, smoke control has been managed by the building automation system (BAS). But the trend over the last few years has been to shift that control to the fire-protection system.

DSI Smoke Curtains Innovative Features

Our gravity fail-safe DSI Smoke and Fire Protective Curtains have innovative features and the highest technical specifications available yet offer cost-effective and flexible solutions to fire and smoke control. Our curtains systems are designed to be discreet, robust, and simple to operate and maintain. DSI Smoke and Fire curtains not only are lightweight and compact […]

History of the Twitter Building

How the internet reshaped Market Street’s Art Deco monolith The Twitter building, once known as the Western Furniture Exchange and Merchandise Mart, got its start as a Depression-era furniture showcase This is a story about adaptive reuse, unplanned obsolescence, and the way one building can straddle two centuries and come to embody the fickle nature […]

The most polarizing buildings in San Francisco

Love ’em or loathe ’em, these structures won’t be ignored Thom Mayne’s jarring yet alluring Federal Building, an 18-story structure with a curtain of perforated steel punctuated by a large square cut-out framing a privately owned public park, and the Glen Park BART station, a concrete public transportation dream, divide many.

Top Causes of Commercial Building Fires

Commercial fires are almost certain to make headlines. While structures, alarms, safety equipment and response times are far superior to those of just decades ago, commercial fires are still happen. What are the likely causes of these fires in commercial structures like offices, stores, hotels, warehouses and manufacturing plants? Arson Intentional fires, or arson are […]

LAFD Commercial Structure Fire

Just after 03:30​ hours, Los Angeles Fire Department Battalion 1 companies were dispatched to a reported structure fire in 17’s first-in at the intersection of Long Beach Ave. x Washington Blvd. E14 was first on-scene and unable to locate any signs of fire. Upon further investigation, E17 found an outside rubbish fire impinging on a […]