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Massive High-Rise Project in LA

Every project encounters both expected and unanticipated challenges: holidays, rain days, wind days. When planning the Oceanwide Plaza mixed-use development in Los Angeles, the project team had to consider “Adele days.” The $1-billion-plus project comprises nearly 1.5 million sq ft of development surrounded by some of downtown L.A’.s busiest streets and sidewalks. Every day, thousands […]

Fire destroyed a huge apartment complex

COCORD, Calif. — A massive fire destroyed a huge apartment complex under construction in Concord. Two people are injured and hundreds of people living next door have been evacuated. The investigation into the cause is under way. A lot of work still needs to be done to stabilize the structure. Because of that, fire investigators […]

Financial District’s Heineman building

While San Francisco has its fair share of iconic buildings—Transamerica Pyramid and Triple 5 are synonymous with the city—one high-rise has garnered a rabid and well-deserved cult following. That building is 130 Bush, the super-slender structure in the Financial District. It’s easy to miss this downtown gem. Blocked from a clear view on Market Street […]

Alternatives For Fire Doors

Fire doors are necessary but cumbersome item. They are required in a great deal of situations, however they are by nature heavy and restrictive to movement, difficult for small children and the elderly or disabled to open and awkward if carrying bags, pushing prams or operating wheelchairs. It is therefore commonplace to see these vital […]

Automatic Smoke Curtains Reduce Smoke Inhalation

Automatic fire rated smoke curtains installed in discreet areas, and deploy automatically during a fire can help block heat and are excellent at blocking smoke from entering the building’s rooms. Due to the natural chimney effect that elevator shafts cause during a fire, automatic fire rated smoke curtains in front of elevators are highly recommended, due to elevator […]