Architect Mia Lehrer + Associates to design the First and Broadway Park

First & Broadway Park Los Angeles

The city in early June selected Los Angeles-based landscape architect Mia Lehrer + Associates to design the First and Broadway Park. The project is now in the final design process. The firm’s vision features a large hardscape plaza as its heart, rather than the flat grass seen in the adjacent Grand Park.

The new park would be anchored by a two-level structure on the northwest corner of the property with a scooped-out amphitheater, with seating underneath the overhang of a “floating” second floor; the second level would likely hold a restaurant.

The north side of the building would have space for a cafe or small store. The design includes a small rock-paved path along Spring Street, as well as some tulip-shaped shade structures scattered around the plaza.

The park is estimated to cost $28 million. According to 14th District City Councilman José Huizar’s office, the councilman since 2013 has secured nearly $21 million in Quimby funds, which are charged to housing developers for park creation, site acquisition, land preparation, design and construction.

The city Department of Recreation and Parks has identified another $3.65 million for the development. Photo by Mia Lehrer + Associates