How Smoke & Fire Curtains Can Help Contain Fires

Forming fire compartments requires a curtain to have good levels of Integrity- the I Classification – and low levels of Irradiance of Heat- the W Classification. Curtains installed to form a compartment must be able to provide a physical barrier to the fire and prevent heat flux transfer of levels sufficient to ignite materials either side of the compartment. Read more

Smoke & Fire Curtains Provide Great Levels of Smoke Containment

Smoke compartments are formed to prevent smoke spreading throughout a building. They must be impermeable to smoke leakage within set criteria, but also offer a level of resistance to heat. Read more

Smoke & Fire Curtains Provide External Fire Escape Protection

A number of buildings still utilize an external staircase running down a building to allow escape from each floor. However if the fire is on a lower floor then this means of escape is compromised. Read more

Atrium Chimneys & Fire & Smoke Curtains

There are numerous office blocks and department stores that have impressive open atria designs spanning over many floors. To prevent the spread of smoke and fire from one floor to another and to facilitate the rapid extraction of smoke many of these use a roof level access system complemented by an inlet make up air facility and deployment of BLE Curtains around the perimeter edge. Read more

Can Fire & Smoke Curtains Be Used In Elevator Lobbies?

While BLE Smoke & Fire can offer a smoke sealed curtain for the immediate face of any elevator door this may not suit the building fire strategy. It may be required to create a protected lobby in front of a bank of elevator doors. Read more